RuralView Security Camera Setup Guides.

Follow our easy guide to get your cameras up and running. We include lots of tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your cameras.

Downloading the CamhiPro App.

All of our cameras connect to the CamhiPro app. The app is free to use with no subscriptions. You can download the CamhiPro app on any Android or Apple device. Including all phones and tablets.

Download the CamHipro app on your Android device.

Download the CamHipro app on you Apple device.

CamHipro App Guide.

Follow our CamhiPro app guide to ensure you get make the most of all our cameras smart feautures. 

CamHiPro Guide

Select your RuralView camera.


RuralView 360 Mini Camera.

Find our step-by-step guide to get your RuralView 360 Mini Camera up and running.

Ensure you switch between 4G and WiFi mode.

Mini Guides

RuralView 360 Zoom Camera.

Find our step-by-step guide to get your RuralView 360 Zoom Camera up and running.

Using an EE SIM? You may need to change APN Settings..

Zoom Guides

RuralView Bullet Camera.

Find our step-by-step guide to get your RuralView Bullet Camera up and running.

View our guides or download them for offline use.

Bullet Guides

Connecting WiFi camera to your 4G 360 Zoom Camera.

If you are connecting WiFi cameras to your 4G Zoom Camera, you can follow this guide here.

Multi-Connect Guide

Setting up your Solar Kit.


120W/80Ah & 100W/50Ah Solar Kit Guide.

This guide details how to set up your solar kit.

Solar Kit Guide

Basic troubleshooting.

Most of the issues you'll have setting up your camera can be resolved with the below solutions. We always recommend you start by doing the 'classic turn on and off' - yes, really. If you're still having issues setting up your camera, get in contact via email or use our online chat.