Camera Power Usage Explained.

Planning your own off-grid 12v system? Here you can find out how to do the maths on how much power our cameras use and what size battery you may need.

Camera Power Usage.

Your camera will use varying amounts of power. Your camera is always on, ready to record or livestream at any moment so you never miss a thing.

360 Zoom Camera.


Day - 4Wh
Night - 10.3Wh

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360 Mini Camera.


Day - 3Wh
Night - 8.5Wh

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Bullet Camera.


Day - 2.8Wh
Night - 6Wh

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Things to consider.

*These figures are theoretical. All batteries will vary depending on temperature, age, type and brand. Your camera is always on, so accessing it through the app will not affect power usage. However, when using the pan, tilt and zoom this will increase power usage. If the camera is installed in a dark location, such as a stable or wooded area, the infrared will come on earlier using more power. Your daylight hours will also vary depending on where you are in the country.

How to elongate your battery life?

There are multiple ways to extend your leisure battery's life. You can move your camera to a lighter area to use less infrared, you can turn the infrared off completely or you can add a solar panel to help charge your battery.

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30w Booster Panel.

Looking to boost your battery power through the winter months? Connect to your leisure battery to elongate life, or integrate into any of our existing solar kits. Mount to any pole, or place on a flat surface.

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Doing the Maths.

To figure out how long your camera will last on a battery, you will need to divide the cameras Wh into the batteries Wh.
In this example, we will use the winter and summer solstice as worst and best case scenarios using a 75Ah battery. 


Battery Capacity.

To figure out how many Watt hours (Wh) your battery holds, you will need to multiple the Amp hour capacity (Ah) by the battery Voltage (V). In this example, we have a 75Ah battery running at 12v.
V x Ah = Wh

12 x 75 = 900Wh

Summer Solstice.


Winter Solstice.


Bullet Camera.

Short version. A Winter solstice 7.6 days. Summer solstice 9.6 days.

Summer Solstice.


Winter Solstice.


360 Mini Camera.

Short version. Winter solstice 5.6 days. Summer solstice 7.7 days.

Summer Solstice.


Winter Solstice.


360 ZoomCamera.

Short version. Winter solstice 3.9 days. Summer solstice 6.1 days.