RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera

RuralView 360 Mini Camera


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1-3 Working Day Delivery

◦ 5MP HD Camera
◦ Outdoor IP66 Rated
◦ 5x optical zoom
◦ Auto human tracking
◦ Control pan, tilt and zoom from app
◦ 50m Infrared night vision range
◦ Super wide 105° field of view
◦ Switch between 4G or WiFi mode
◦ Free to use CamHipro App
◦ Connect with WiFi, 4G or network cable
◦ 1-year warranty


4G - No WiFi required, connect with 4G sim card.
WiFi/PoE - Connect to existing WiFi or use an Ethernet cable.


We'll send the camera with an SD card. Your cameras footage is stored in the camera and remotely accessed through the app. When full, the camera overwrites the old footage with the new.


Advanced Human Tracking.

Our 360 Mini Camera will track a human using the pan and tilt.

Smart Rural Security.

Our compact 360 Mini Camera provides top-spec features to help monitor and secure what matters to you the most.


Free to Use App.

No monthly fees, access camera free of charge.

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Human Detect Alarm.

Alerts directly to your phone when human is detected.

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Super HD.

Crisp 5MP video allows you to see the finer detail.

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Super Wide View.

105° view is perfect for small spaces.

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5x Optical Zoom.

Moving Sony™ lens provides crisp, clear zoom.

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50m Night Vision.

Clear night vision up to 50m.

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Install your camera outside with confidence.

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Free UK Support.

Send us an email or give us a call if you need assitance.

Instant Human Detection.

Keeping an eye out for unwanted visitors? Get an instant alert when someone accesses your property.

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Connect to all the 4G networks in the UK, no guessing which provider works best in your area. Simply insert your Multi-SIM and automatically connect to either EE, Vodafone, O2 or Three. Plus, share data across all your cameras to save on monthly fees.

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Keep an eye on what matters.

355° pan, 90° tilt and 5x optical zoom means you can see more with one camera. Track unwanted visitors, monitor livestock and your property - all at your fingertips.

Easy Installation.

Check out our setup guides, or give us a call if you need assitance setting up our cameras.

Download the free CamHipro app.

Connect you camera to mains power or battery.

Get your camera online using 4G or WiFi.

Scan the QR code in the app and enjoy.

24/7 Recording.

Our cameras record on a loop, so you can record and rewind up to 20 days.


5 days of 24/7 recording


10 days of 24/7 recording

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20 days of 24/7 recording



Have no power or WiFi? Our solar bundles can provide 24/7 access to your 4G camera.

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