Jack Baxter

Apr 01, 2023

Use of 4G Security Cameras in Rural and Farming Communities.

4G security cameras can be used in rural locations for livestock monitoring and general security to streamline processes to save time and money.

Many people may not realise just how many technical options are out there for rural and farming locations. They may believe it's too analogue or rustic and that these tools need a better type of placement. Yet the technology is getting better, especially when it comes to farm cameras as a legitimate option when it comes to managing the overall space and area. There are also different possibilities when it comes to powering these types of farm cameras, having the option to be both on and off the grid. So you can now get superior imaging and quality from these camera options without all the additional cabling.

4G Security Cameras.

We work with 4G connectivity in our security camera options. That means you'll be able to have high-speed cellular connectivity ready to transmit and receive data and basically stream video in real time. So there's no need to set up additional routers and Wi-Fi connectivity, although that can be an option as well. As long as your farm and rural area has mobile phone coverage, your 4G security cameras will always be connected. That also means that you can access those cameras from anywhere remotely and view the feed at your leisure with peace of mind.

When Mother Nature Calls.

You are on an active and live farm. This is especially true when you are raising animals. You will have to go through lambing, calving and foaling at some point, and that can be quite the process. So typically, it made farmers become extremely proactive during these periods, with constant check-ins and being physically present to ensure that everything was going according to how it was intended.

Yet with the addition of 4G security cameras, you can place these all over the living areas of the animals and remotely monitor them as needed. So that means you only need to go out there if you visibly see an issue or need to intervene, and other times can simply monitor the progress of the lambing, calving, or foaling that's happening without the need to be present.

This allows for better efficiencies and utilisation of the time spent on the routine aspects of farming without extending the working day any further. Another area 4G security cameras help with are as horse stable cameras. That allows you to monitor the horses at all times and make sure to properly manage your investment, whether you're directly on the farm, at the market, or even on holiday.

General Farm and Rural Security.

Managing and running a farm is already a daunting and critical task for the entire ecosystem. The last thing on your mind after a big harvest or with handling livestock is your overall security needs. There may be theft happening, but you have no idea until it's too late. All of that can change when you get yourself a 4G security camera setup.

Because your 4G Security camera setup allows for a wide range of freedom when it comes to placing them throughout the rural or farming area, it protects the entire land from anything that may cause it harm. Whether it's vandals getting in and causing damage, theft of machinery, or other types of wildlife trying to get to your animals, the 4G security camera will be running 24/7 and will be able to catch everything on recorded video for your safety. 

This allows you to be able to take action immediately without the need to investigate further. In addition, the cameras will project a clear image of the situation, allowing you to act accordingly when it comes to the suspicious activity, whether it's to call the local authorities or take other action against wildlife that's a threat to your livestock or crops.

Our 4G Cameras.

RuralView 360 Zoom Camera.

Our RuralView 360 Zoom Camera has an incredible 36x zoom. Paired with night vision up to 120m it makes for the perfect camera to monitor a large area. The camera is built in a tough metal shell for maximum durability. This can be installed in large sheds or open fields to closely monitor livestock. We recommend this camera for foaling, lambing and calving. Beyond livestock monitoring this camera has excellent general security features such as automatic human follow and built-in two-way audio. With 4G connectivity it can be installed in yards and building sites.

RuralView 360 Zoom Camera
RuralView 360 Zoom Camera

RuralView 360 Zoom Camera


RuralView 360 Camera.

Our RuralView 360 Camera provide a middle ground for rural security and monitoring. It has a smaller compact, sleek design. It has a very wide field of view of 105° which allows the camera to view a large area. This makes the camera perfect for use of monitoring horses in small stables. The pan and tilt controlled through the app also means you'll have no blind spots. The camera also boasts a respectable 5x zoom and up to 50m night vision, meaning it can be used in small/medium sheds if you're lambing or calving. You can also use this camera for general security, with its automatic human follow function and instant movement alerts.

RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera
RuralView 360 Mini Camera

RuralView 360 Mini Camera


RuralView Bullet Camera.

Our RuralView Bullet Camera has a sleek design in a tough metal housing. This is the perfect, affordable rural security camera. With 4G connectivity it is perfect to monitor an entrance where WiFi not reach. You'll get instant alerts when movement is detected and you can record clips directly on the camera. This camera also has a wide viewing angle of 90° so can be installed in stable or small/medium sheds for livestock monitoring. Our bullet camera has a tough metal shell and is widely used for general security on farms, yards and homes.

RuralView Bullet Camera
RuralView Bullet Camera
RuralView Bullet Camera
RuralView Bullet Camera

RuralView Bullet Camera


Consider Us As Your Option.

Don't let yourself go without a 4G security camera, as you can easily have it at an affordable price. The benefits of the initial cost and setup will continue to happen, as it makes it just that much easier to run the farming operations or help to provide security in a rural area.

In addition, you will give yourself the ability to remotely monitor everything the cameras can cover, as well as easily record and eventually report anything out of the ordinary to the local authorities to take the necessary next steps and action. In fact, you will end up saving money due to reduced theft and vandalism and less focus being put on you when it comes to lambing, calving and foaling.

This helps with overall farming margins, helping to run a safe and secure operation. Whenever you're ready to upgrade your security and monitoring setup with 4G cameras, feel free to reach out and drop us a line with any questions you have and order as soon as you're confident of your needs.

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