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Multi-Camera Bundles.

Our Build-a-Bundle app allows you build a customised camera bundle to suit your needs while getting a great discount across your whole order. You have to select cameras in the bundle, but accessories are optional.

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Is your bundle not listed? Our team can provide professional advice to help design a custom order for you. We can also price match quotes from our close competitors!

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Get the most out of your bundle.

If you do not have WiFi where you'd like to install your cameras, there are a couple of ways you can save on monthly 4G data sim costs.

Method 1.

Our RuralView 360 Zoom has a built in WiFi hotspot. When you insert your 4G sim card into the camera, it connects itself to the internet and outputs a WiFi hotspot. You can connect up to two WiFi cameras to the hotspot. The hotspot will reach distances of up to 50m with clear line of sight.

Method 2.

You can use our 4G Router to connect multiple WiFi cameras using one sim card. When your 4G data sim card is inserted into your router, it will create a WiFi network. You can connect up to 9 cameras to this network and will work over a distance of up to 80m with clear line of sight.