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Multi-Camera Bundles.

Our Multi-SIM connects to all the 4G networks in the UK, ensuring your cameras have the best signal available. Buy one streaming plan with 7 hours access, and share it across all of Multi-SIM's on your account. 

10% off These Bundles. 🎉

Simply insert a Multi-SIM in each camera. Get instant access, and install anywhere with no restrictions. 

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☑ 1x 4G RuralView 360 Zoom Camera 
☑ 1x 4G RuralView Bullet Camera
☑ 2x 256GB Memory per camera
☑ 2x Multi-SIM - £8.25 p/m per camera


☑ 2x RuralView 360 Mini Camera
☑ 2x 256GB Memory per camera
☑ 2x Multi-SIM - £8.25 p/m per camera


☑ 3x 4G RuralView Bullet Camera
☑ 3x 256GB Memory per camera
☑ 3x Multi-SIM - £6.99 p/m per camera

Note: These are set bundles, they cannot be mixed and matched.

Build your own Bundle.

Is your bundle not listed? Build your own using out set discounts.